Stadium Flowers

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Complementary Colors

Complementary colors are used throughout art history by world renown artists, like Monet and Michelangelo. Complementary colors contrast each other, which is a basic principle of design. When these colors are placed next to each other, them make each other appear brighter and the viewer’s eye is drawn to them. A bride should consider this when choosing their wedding colors. The traditional set of complementary combinations, include: 

– white and black
-red and green
-yellow and violet
-blue and orange (as seen below) Orange and Navy Wedding

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Scentual Blossoms

This bride absolutely loved the sweet smell of white oriental lilies. I made her bouquet of mostly white lilies, hydrangea to add a lacy softness, and rhinestone pins to add a little sparkle. The only place her colors came in to play were on the handle with champagne and tiffany blue criss cross ribbons. This bride loved to pay attention to the details, simple ribbon accents can add so much character to a bouquet.

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Keep Flowers Fresh on Your Wedding Day

Most weddings are held in the hot days of summer and flowers need as much help as they can get in this kind of weather. A couple tips to help you keep your flowers happy and fresh for your big day:

  • Choose a hand tied style bouquet with exposed stems. This style of bouquet can be kept and delivered in a vase with water to help keep the flowers from wilting.
  • Keep all flowers out of direct sun and in a cool place until you need them.
  • Put boutonnieres and corsages in an empty fridge. Never put flowers in a freezer.
  • In between pictures put the bouquets back in their vases with water, this will help keep them fresh for the ceremony.
  • Pin corsages and boutonnieres as late as possible.