Stadium Flowers

Brilliant Brights and Textures


This bouquet is by far one of my favorites! I love the bright yellow mini calla lilies and the orange sunspot orchids. The fern curls add the finishing touch with fun texture!


3 thoughts on “Brilliant Brights and Textures

  1. I was the bride that carried this down the aisle to my husband and it was a dream come true. Chelsea was a wonderful help in our deciding what what was going to be right for our wedding. I appreciated her input and helping us find submerssible lighting for our table pieces. Loose Orchids for the cake and aisle, etc, etc, etc… thank you, thank you, thank you!!! We will always remember this boquet and working with Chelsea. By the way, it lasted through our honeymoon. What quality!!!

    • PS- there were another whole round of orange orchids added to make it even fuller than this picture (in this case, the picture doesn’t quite do it justice) 🙂

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