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The #1 Mariners fan bought flowers for his #1 girl

Mark Wilson of Everett, Wa bought a dozen rose special this evening to surprise his favorite lady.

“It’s just a little something– she likes this kind of stuff,” he said.

Anyone can purchase 1 dozen multi-colored roses in a square vase for just $34.98. Included is usually a butterfly or bug pick to add a splash of fun.

Mark Wilson sporting his prized possession while sport his favorite baseball attire. Broadway store location.

Mark is an avid Mariners fan and either watches the games in the comfort of his own home on his chair (a.k.a ‘throne’) or at Safeco Field. The only downfall when purchasing his roses was, “ it was cutting into [his] ball game time.”

Stadium Flower’s Spring Rose Special on display in store coolers to keep them “always days fresher.”


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Orchid watering

Orchids are long-lasting, beautiful plants that do not need much attention. They actually take care of themselves and know just the right amount of water they need. The easiest thing to do is get on a schedule with your orchid.  Once a week, for a couple of hours, place a small bowl of warm water close to the orchid. As this evaporates, it will form droplets on the orchids leaves which will trickle down and nourish the roots, easy!

For more orchid information, stop by one of our beautiful Everett or Lynnwood locations!

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Spring Cleaning!

It’s spring cleaning time and what better way than to start with our Nation’s Flag! Just last week the Broadway store updated their American flag. It’s amazing how crystal clear and sparkling everything looks on a bright, beautiful blue day around here.

As I was leaving for the day, I looked up and noticed what a wonderful sight it was to behold…. Sure made me smile!

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Take Photos Win Prizes

We’re throwing a contest! How do you participate you ask? It’s simple really, if you’re a Snohomish County resident and a high school student all you have to do is take pictures at your next dance and you could win prizes!

Yes, we’re saying all you have to do is take photos and you could potentially win a $50 gift certificate to Arnie’s restaurant and 2 Regal movie tickets!

Here’s how:

1.    Buy your corsage/boutonniere at Stadium Flowers

2.    Take photos with your date wearing your corsage/boutonniere

3.    “Like” Stadium Flowers on Facebook

4.    Post your best dance couple picture and tag Stadium Flowers in that picture

5.    Win a $50 Arnie’s Gift Certificate and 2 Regal Movie Tickets for the best tagged photo

To request a copy of official rules and regulations please contact:

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Weekend jumpstart – Mulching with Mike!

The picture below doesn’t look like much but, I am very proud of my progress mulching my flower beds. Last weekend, I hauled in fourteen bags of mulch to put on my Dahlia bed.  Gasp! Why did I mulch you ask?

The advantages of mulch are that it provides weed control, beautifies the garden bed and maintains a consistent ground temperature throughout the summer and winter. In addition, it prevents water loss due to evaporation.

I mulched this bed last year and it took me less than hour to weed it- yea!!  I put stakes at the spots where Dahlias will grow and pushed the mulch aside so they have an easier time growing.  I regularly look for hot deals on garden mulch and have found reasonable prices at Lowes and QFC.

Until next time, happy mulching, weeding, mowing, planting or whatever task you’re combating in the garden this weekend!

*For additional information on Mulch consider the following:

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Fresh Ranunculus

Fresh and new this week! This flower is one of my favorites. It comes in beautiful bright shades of pink, red, yellow and orange. It looks very similar to a rose while also looking like a peony. They are a bulb and have a very long vase life. If you’re missing some springtime flair you should definitely come check these out!