Stadium Flowers


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We carry the most amazing candles in both of our stores as well as a travel tin on our website. I think it’s Emeril Lagasse that always talks about “smell-a-vision” if only I could come up with “web-a-smell”!! Paddywax candles have incredibly true scents. Currently we’re featuring their summer floral line with scents like Geranium, Dandelion (prettier than you’d think for a weed), Gerbera daisy and my all-time favorite….gardenia. Never have I smelled something so pure to the true scent, not full of perfumes as some are.

Paddywax candles borrow their craft from methods used centuries ago. The hand crafted recipes used to make their candles maximize the fragrance while allowing the highest burn times. Only the purest ingredients are used (no synthetic ingredients) in these all natural produced candles. All elements are made by hand, from the carefully poured wax to the finishing touches of the hand tied bow on every box making it perfect for gift giving. The attention to detail is what makes Paddywax Candles one of the best hand poured candles available today.

Paddywax candles use soy wax and cotton wicks for a clean burn. They are all hand-poured.


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