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Poinsettia Care: Tips & Tricks for continued blooms

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This popular Christmas flower should be placed near a sunny window as its tropical origin means that it enjoys direct sunlight. We suggest to place it near a South or West facing window.

You can typically prolong the Poinsettias blooming period by keeping the plant in a warm indoor environment that ranges anywhere from 65 – 75 degrees during the day and 60 degrees overnight. Keep the plant away from cool drafts or against a cold window as it will likely cause the leaves to drop prematurely.

Make sure to water whenever the surface of the soil feels dry. Hydrate your poinsettia until water begins to drain out of the bottom of the container. Be sure to drain the excess water left in the container as excess water will also cause the leaves to drop prematurely. Remember Poinsettias are tropical plants, which means they like a humid environment. It’s likely that our cool dry air may cause you to water daily.

For additional information on how to keep plants blooming during the winter click here.


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